Do handmade products require KKM Certification?

Had many people been asking whether do handmade products require KKM certification? For today’s topic, we simplified it for your better understanding! And the best place to start from is the Official NPRA site.

The handmade product industry had made a lot of attention lately. There are a lot of different handmade products on the market in Malaysia. Commonly in the beauty & healthcare industry, they appear to be providing natural ingredients products to help ladies begin a healthier lifestyle. Sounds perfect, but not there yet!

Based on the rule of thumb, any products intended to be used by living beings must be proven safe. It doesn’t matter if it is a product for internal or external applications (e.g. perfume, cream, lotion, and more). There are a few rules that need to have complied with for safety purposes.

1. Good Manufacturing Practices

Imagine lah what will happen if the product you are using actually mixes with the saliva of staff due to sneezing during the process of product making. Tak geli ke…bacteria everywhere… All products shall be manufactured in a 100% hygiene environment with proper bacteria prevention.

2. Heavy Metal Lab Test

The heavy metal test in the lab is to ensure the product does not contain any heavy metals (e.g. Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, and more). A common question that we got asked often, Mercury was widely used in a lot of unregistered products, but why? Mercury is a strong heavy metal that enables the immediate effectiveness of a product. It’s great, but there’s always a downside to it. Once you stop using it, habis lah your skin. It is now sensitive, rashed, inflamed, just like broken tofu. What’s worst than that? It makes your skin rely on the product to look good. So you will continuously purchase it lo. This could cause cancer you knowwww…

3. Microbiological Lab Test

HA! this is very important for handmade products. Without this, we would not know whether these products are free from bacteria infection or not (Human’s eye cannot see). In this modern society, much natural product claims there is no preservative at all. Is that true? The preservative is something that is necessary to keep the product safe within the shelf life. Without a preservative, you need to basically take care of the product within the normal temperature range that will potentially grow hundreds and thousands of molds or bacteria. Not possible at all!

Since preservatives are necessary, what should we do next? There are plenty of natural preservatives or the common phenoxyethanol that can be used as preservatives for a product, as long as it’s paraben-free. WE ALL HATE PARABEN! In conclusion, bacteria are everywhere, a product without preservatives should be used and thrown away immediately(one-time use packaging) unless you’re keeping and using the product in a “Zero Bacteria Room”.

4. KKM Notification

Hooray, the final step before launching the product to the market – applying for KKM notification. During KKM notification, the company has to submit the packaging design, and claim about the product function on the packaging (because one product cannot simply claim any function they don’t have). If a shampoo claim to be able to solve the Alopecia(A.K.A botak) problem, then it needs to contain relevant ingredients for it. A product claim is a sensitive issue, never overclaim your product functions, do not lie to your customers!

Further on, KKM notification also requires us to details the ingredients with the strength (amount of the particular ingredient used in the product in % w/v). That actually is a commendable process from KKM as they are trying really hard to ensure all products are safe to use.

In short, regardless of a business owner or end consumer, understanding how KKM works are extremely important. You can search for the product you are using on the NPRA website to make sure your product is properly notified (registered). Product notification is one thing that secures your safety. However there are also products that got recalled after approval due to some reports by the consumer on the side effects after it went into the market. Consumers may also check on the product brand being recalled on the NPRA website.

Something Worth To Know About: Some famous international brands also got recalled one, do not surprise about it, it is NPRA’s good job on product safety checking.

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