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How to prevent your lipstick stains?

If ever there were a time that you’ve been thinking about…” why my lipstick stains? 🙁 “, you might find our makeup trick of this episode super useful to you.

For all of us beauty lovers out there, we love our lipsticks, and we mean it. But often time, most of our loved lipsticks leave stains all the time. Especially when drinks a cup of water, or maybe when we need to eat something good!

Let me first explain why most of these lipstick products will leave a stain behind anything that your lips touched. Simple! Most lipsticks are beeswax / candeillawax based product, and wax = oily. Anything that is oily tends to transfer easily on any surfaces that come into contact with, e.g. your lips and a coffee cup.

Now you get the reason why. Next, I am going to teach you one simple trick that helps you to escape from the stain-hell. First, we will need a couple of tools prepared before anything else.

Tools of the day:

  1. Lip gloss or lipstick that stains
  2. Loose powder (Why? Because it tends to have loose particles (without high pigmentation) and dry off the excessive oil on your lips easily.)
  3. A makeup brush
  4. A piece of tissue paper

Now follow me with the steps of escaping the stain-hell. Let’s get started!

  1. First, gather the tools of the day as mentioned above, get it prepared on your makeup table.
  2. Apply the lipstick that stains on your lips.
  3. Take a piece of tissue paper, split it into half.
  4. Gently press the tissue paper on your lips.
  5. Hold onto your makeup brush, dip a little bit of loose powder, and pat on the tissue paper on your lips.
  6. Now you’re ready to go out with a stainproof lips. 🙂

Great job! Just as simple as that, your lipstick will not stain for now. I couldn’t stress more, but this is very important. It will be a bit of a step if you need to re-apply your lipstick later, you will need to repeat the exact step for it to work, so make sure to bring the tools of the day when you’re out to the public. Though it’s a rare case that you will need to re-apply as it was already non-staining, and the favorite shades of yours should be good enough to get through the day (depends on your lipstick quality).

Even though the steps are easy and quick, but the thing is we (most of us) need to not only doing makeup on our lips but our whole face, which takes a lot of our time. If you are as lazy as me, choosing a lipstick or lip balm that does not stain in the first place will be our best bet. However, always stay alert about the moisturizing level of the non-stained product, and how it can easily be removed.

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