Our Story

What Makes up Monae Beauty?

Founded by a beauty insider who is a certified pharmacist, Joanne Chung fuses together beauty and wellness, creating a beauty product that is formulated by organic and natural ingredients. A pioneer in natural luxury skincare, Joanne found that beauty products contain harmful chemicals that lead to health issues, especially skin cancer. She then started Monae Beauty® to make a health first cosmetic products, for herself and for women like her who refuse to risk their health for beauty. At Monae Beauty®, we had carved a new path in the beauty industry, by achieving the sweet balance spot between safety and performance.

Formulated in the US, our product was awarded as the best healthy ingredient product by International Women Association. Hence, we are always happy and proud to answer any question related to how our products are made and how these clean, healthy, and effective ingredients that work well together. We sought out to create a beauty line that promotes a healthy lifestyle and improves the quality of life without the need to pay extra that we used to. At Monae Beauty®, we live by the philosophy that “Beauty is Wellness.” We always believe in building the right thing will last. Monae Beauty® is the leading movement of high-performing and luxury makeup with the core direction of healthy and sustainable. Once again, never sacrifice gorgeous for safety or vice versa, you can have it both.

Birth of the queen: Ingredients that just WORK!

At Monae Beauty®, all of our ingredients are handpicked and formulated with a lot of supporting facts to ensure that our products are the purest and healthiest, and on par with the standards of luxury beauty. By holding the knowledge in the cosmetic and beauty industry, we have to take a lead to make a product that works well with your skin, not against it. Our team of experts utilizes advanced skincare technology with pure material as product ingredients to ensure that you get more than what you expected, with a price that is affordable for everyone.